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Paid Memberships Pro Form Builder is a drag and drop addon for Paid Memberships pro allowing you to create different types of fields quickly and easily. You don’t have to edit chunk of codes just to add a text field. This addon also you add checkout boxes and remove email/password repeat fields


This plugin requires free Paid Memberships Pro Register addon to work. Please make sure it’s downloaded and installed
it's drag and drop
Nothing is as easy as dragging and dropping. You can create, arrange and rearrange your form fields within seconds.
up to 9 form fields
You get up to nine different input fields to collect all forms of data as you like. From simple text field to HTML content
export and import fields
Copying your fields from one website to another is never going to require a developer. Copy and backup quickly
create checkouts with ease
Create PMPro checkouts without even touching a line of code

The following form fields are supported:

  • Text Input
  • Text Area
  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Select & Select2
  • File Upload
  • Hidden Input
  • HTML Header
  • HTML elements [paragraph

1 review for Paid Memberships Pro – Form Builder

  1. Konstantinos

    Great support – Great Plugin
    Problem solved, the same day that occurred.
    I am going to purchace the premium version because it is usefull, and because i want to support the developer.

    Again, thank you.

    Best Regards,

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